The Bookrageous Podcast Serious about books…but not exactly serious.

June 25, 2013  
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Bookrageous! Serious about books, but not exactly serious.

We Are:

Jenn, Bookish Event Person

Jenn goes by @JennIRL on Twitter and Tumbl's at

Rebecca, Book Riot

You can find Rebecca at on Twitter,, and on the weekly Book Riot podcast.

Josh, Indie Bookseller and author of Maine Beer

Josh writes about books and beer at, and goes by @jchristie on Twitter.

Preeti, Book Slinger, Scholastic Reading Club

You can find Preeti on Oh, Comics! Podcast over on Panels.Net, and on Twitter and Tumblr (and most of the internets) @runwithskizzers.


"The hosts are insightful, funny (and often silly), and they discuss a wide variety of books ranging from graphic novels to feminist tomes, fantasy to literary fiction, popular science to YA." - Leah Mosher, Books Speak Volumes

"[T]he hosts mix honest, civil discussion about a book’s strengths and weaknesses with a super-fan’s energy and excitement." - The Onion AV Club

"Bookrageous lets you listen in on the conversation of some book-obsessed friends. ... The chemistry between the hosts is great ... The show is always a ton of fun, in keeping with their slogan: Serious about books, but not exactly serious." - Lisa Eckstein, Reading, Writing, Revisiting

"It’s about having fun with books, making books exciting again, reminding readers why they read, and introducing great people to great books. It’s about books being awesome and people being willing to be a little bit silly in the name of celebrating them. (They’re pretty serious about the awesomeness of books.)" - Shelf Renewal
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