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March 23, 2011  

What graphic novels should you read if you don't read graphic novels? iFanboy staff writer Paul Montgomery and indie bookseller Emily Pullen join Josh to give you some ideas.

Bookrageous Episode 15; Graphic Novels 101

Intro Music; Ain't No Easy Way - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

What We’re Reading


[1:20] Ladies and Gentlemen, Adam Ross

[2:27] In the Garden of Beasts, Erik Larson


[4:53] Beyond the Night, Joss Ware

[5:55] The Talented Miss Highsmith, Joan Schenkar

[6:40] The Bayou Trilogy, Daniel Woodrell


[8:14] Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, J.K. Rowling

[9:18] Wittgenstein's Mistress, David Markson

[10:22] Pafko at the Wall, Don DeLillo

[11:18] Zazen, Vanessa Veselka

[11:30] Red Lemonade

[12:18] The Canon, Natalie Angier

[13:30] Radioactive, Lauren Redniss


[14:22] The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss


[15:30] Reality is Broken, Jane McGonigal (on audiobook)


[17:25] The Tiger's Wife, Tea Obreht (on audiobook)

Break Music; In Ruins - Fol Chen

Graphic Novels 101

[19:15] To read or not to read?

[20:47] How Emily got into comics

[20:50] Peanuts, Charles Schulz

[21:13] Fun Home, Alison Bechdel

[22:43] How Paul got into comics

[24:21] Brian K. Vaughan, Hellboy, Spider-man

[24:37] iFanboy podcast

[25:31] How Josh got into comics

[26:00] Fun Home

[26:23] Black Hole, R. Crumb, Love and Rockets, Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen

[26:43] Civil War, Marvel Comics

[27:25] The Death of Captain America

[28:44] Scott McCloud: Understanding Comics, Reinventing Comics, Making Comics

[31:30] Manga

[32:46] Fun Home

[36:53] Dykes to Watch Out For

[39:05] If you like: David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs; then you might like: Alison Bechdel

[39:40] If you like: detective stories, Dennis Lehane, The Wire; then you might like: Gotham Central

[41:15] Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One

[42:13] If you like: The Road; then you might like: Three Shadows, Cyril Pedrosa

[44:02] If you like: hockey, crying yourself to sleep; you might like: Essex County, Jeff Lemire

[46:33] If you like: first dates, missed connections; you might like I Saw You, edited by Julia Wertz

[49:18] If you like: paranormal romance, YA books; you might like: Anya's Ghost, Vera Brosgol

[51:17] If you like: magical realism, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Haruki Murakami; you might like: Daytripper, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba

[55:44] de: Tales, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba

[56:25] Pixu, Umbrella Academy

[56:50] If you like: heavy shit; you might like: Asterios Polyp, David Mazzucchelli

[1:06:22] If you like: Room, Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time; you might like: I Kill Giants, Joe Kelly

[1:07:15] Also, Mother, Come Home, Paul Hornschemeier

[1:08:24] If you like: Isaac Asimov, robots, space; you might like: Pluto, Naoki Urusawa

[1:09:03] If you don't like: words; you might like: The Arrival, Shaun Tan

Didn't hear anything that sounded good? Ask us and we will find something for you.

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Outro Music; Ain't No Easy Way - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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