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January 10, 2012  
Bookrageous Episode 31; Zone One Book Club

Intro Music; Re: Your Brains - Jonathan Coulton

What We’re Reading


[1:16] Wild, Cheryl Strayed, March 2012 (also recommended by Michele)

[4:33] One Soul, Ray Fawkes


[6:43] The Nobodies Album, Carolyn Parkhurst (also recommended by Ann Kingman)

[9:46] The Lola Quartet, Emily St. John Mandel, May 2012

[10:36] Otherwise Known as the Human Condition, Geoff Dyer

[12:05] The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, Michael Chabon


[15:10] Birds of a Lesser Paradise, Megan Mayhew Bergman, March 2012

[15:50] Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell (as recommended by Christine)

[17:43] Sylvester, Georgette Heyer

[19:41] Cinder, Marissa Meyer (out now!)

Intermission; My Girlfriend’s Dead - The Vandals

Zone One: The Discussion

[22:24] Jon from Pages & Pages weighs in on his first zombie novel experience.

[23:43] How many thumbs was that again?

[25:00] Who is this Colson Whitehead anyway?

[25:25] Lit & genre: The Last Werewolf, The Magician King, Michael Chabon

[27:50] We are the monsters!!! (mandatory Walking Dead reference)

[31:15] The Passage, Justin Cronin

[33:50] We decide that “mid-apocalyptic” is a thing.

[35:10] World War Z, Max Brooks

[46:29] Margaret Atwood

[47:30] We speculate about critical reviews vs. ratings.

[49:00] A Modest Proposal

[51:30] The Leftovers, Tom Perrotta

Intermission 2; Zombie - The Cranberries

Zone One with Colson Whitehead (Spoiler Alert!)

[53:00] The author himself answers our questions!

Granta 117: Horror

Outro; Re: Your Brains, Jonathan Coulton

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