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October 26, 2011  
Bookrageous Episode 28; Fall Trade Shows 2011

Intro Music; No Scrubs -- Karmin

What We’re Reading


[1:28] Zone One, Colson Whitehead [this is our book club pick for October, put BOOKRAGEOUS in the comments of your order to get 10% off from WORD!]

[1:49] The Passage, Justin Cronin

[2:12] The Whore of Akron, Scott Raab, November 1 2011


[5:32] The Passage, Justin Cronin


[9:00] Angelmaker, Nick Harkaway, March 20 2012 (The Gone-Away World)

[10:40] Bees are interesting, you guys!

[11:15] The Hall of the Singing Caryatids, Victor Pelevin

[12:56] Terrier, Tamora Pierce

[14:26] How to Save a Life, Sara Zarr

Intermission; Low Light, Low Life -- POS

Fall Trade Shows 2011

[18:16] The Curious Garden, YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND!, Peter Brown

[19:08] Zone One, Colson Whitehead, and MacArthur Park (the Donna Summer version)

[20:45] Waking, Ron Rash (Serena)

[23:05] The Bookstore of the Future, recapped in Publishers Weekly

[24:00] I Married You for Happiness, Lily Tuck

[25:06] Contents May Have Shifted, February 1 2012, Pam Houston (Cowboys Are My Weakness)

[26:30] I’m With the Bears, various incl. Margaret Atwood

[27:30] Deep Economy, Bill McKibben

[28:25] Long Distance

[28:42] Sugarhouse, Matthew Batt, June 19 2012

[29:26] Cabin

[30:05] Wild, Cheryl Strayed, March 20 2012 (also recommended by Michele/readandbreathe!)

[30:55] A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson

[32:16] The Invisible Ones, Stef Penney, January 5 2012

[33:25] The Mirage, Matt Ruff, February 1 2012

[36:00] Granta 116: Ten Years Later

[38:30] American Dervish, Ayad Akhtar, January 9 2012 (as recommended by Kalen/kalenski)

[40:15] Pure, Julianna Baggott, February 1 2012 (Which Brings Me to You)

[43:00] The Nerdist Way, Chris Hardwick, November 1 2011

[44:24] A Good American, Alex George, February 7 2012

[45:25] Emily St. John Mandel

[45:50] Birds of a Lesser Paradise, Megan Mayhew Bergman, March 6 2012

[47:00] The Lifespan of a Fact, John D’Agata, Jim Fingal, February 1 2012

[47:49] About a Mountain, John D’Agata

Outro; No Scrubs -- Karmin

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