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February 9, 2011  

Lacy, manager of indie bookstore Rock City Books, joins Josh, Rebecca and Jenn, to rectify our blatant lack of poetry knowledge. She recommends books to us based on our personal taste in literature and music, and then (through the magic of the internet!) we reconvene to discuss our reading experiences!

Bookrageous Episode 12; POETRYRAGEOUS

Intro Music - Love Vigilantes, Iron & Wine

What We're Reading


[1:35] The Things They Carried, Tim O'Brien

[2:11] Silver Sparrow, Tayari Jones

[2:30] Lily King's Father of the Rain, Heidi Durrow's The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

[2:43] Zone, Mathias Enard

[3:20] A Covert Affair, Jennet Conant

[4:08] Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love, Chrissie Zullo, Chris Robertson


[4:26] West of Here, Jonathan Evison

[5:44] All About Lulu

[5:59] The Water is Wide, Pat Conroy

[6:50] War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy

[7:08] War and Peace Read-Along on Facebook

[7:40] Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card


[8:20] Endgame: Bobby Fischer's Remarkable Rise and Fall, Frank Brady

[8:55] Ben Mezrich

[9:25] K Blows Top, Peter Carlson

[9:52] The Poisoner's Handbook, Deborah Blum

[11:20] Dead Men Do Tell Tales, William R. Maples


13:05 The Lime Twig, John Hawkes

13:15 Black Swan Green, James Mitchell

13:40 Obligatory Adam Ross Shout-Out

14:23 Herman Hesse

16:44 The Fates Will Find Their Way, Hannah Pittard

17:06 The Virgin Suicides, Jeffrey Eugenides

18:03 Zombie Spaceship Wasteland, Patton Oswalt


Break Music - American Jesus, Bad Religion



Jenn Likes

[22:08] Rilke, Octavio Paz, The Autobiography of Red, Nox

[23:06] The Gone-Away World, A Visit from the Goon Squad, Liberation

[24:10] Andrew Bird, Iron & Wine, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Spoon, Franz Ferdinand

Lacy Recommends

[25:37] Insomnia Diary, Bob Hicok

[29:00] Hip Logic, Terrance Hayes

[30:10] Hayes on

Rebecca Likes

[31:09] A Visit from the Goon Squad, John Irving, The Sparrow, Skippy Dies, Mr. Peanut

[31:46] Counting Crows, A Fine Frenzy, Melody Gardot, Ella Fitzgerald, Ludacris

Lacy Recommends

[32:20] The Autobiography of Red, Ann Carson

[32:59] Glass, Irony and God

[35:54] In the Ghost House Acquainted, Kevin Goodan

Josh Likes

[39:50] Billy Collins, Mr. Peanut, Room, Aurorarama, Michael Chabon, Kurt Vonnegut, Mary Roach

[41:12] The Clash, Bad Religion, Green Day

Lacy Recommends

[41:27] Actual Air, David Berman

[42:00] Drag City, Bill Callahan

[45:50] Medicine, Amy Gerstler

For Everyone

[48:40] Skid, Dean Young


Break Music - Things I Never Needed, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals


What We Thought About Poetry


[54:45] Actual Air, David Berman

[54:51] Medicine, Amy Gerstler

[57:45] Josh Really, Really, REALLY Loves Snow


[58:40] The Autobiography of Red, Ann Carson

[1:02:53] In the Ghost House Acquainted, Kevin Goodan

[1:05:04] Rebecca Has Learned to Love Poetry

[1:05:45] Learning How to Read Poetry


[1:08:00] Jenn is Really, Really, REALLY Nerdy

[1:08:40] Insomnia Diary, Bob Hicok

[1:09:34] Hip Logic, Terrance Hayes

[1:10:44] Skid, Dean Young

[1:11:17] The Accessibility Issue

[1:13:40] Toddlers at Poetry?

[1:14:08] Just Like Graphic Novels!

[1:14:40] Group Therapy

[1:15:20] Asterios Polyp, David Mazzucchelli

[1:15:55] Poetry as an Oral Art Form (But Not in the Dirty Way)

How to Find Good Poetry

[1:20:17] Ask rockcitybooks to recommend you some!

[1:21:48] Slam Poetry: Y/N?

[1:22:37] Poets Recommending Poets


[1:24:58] Poets on Twitter? (Kinda)

[1:25:00] Dobby Gibson

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Josh, Jenn, Rebecca, Lacy

Outro Music - Love Vigilantes, Iron & Wine

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