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April 6, 2011  

This time out, Sarah from Smart Bitches, Trashy Books and author Rachel Kramer Bussel joined Rebecca and Jenn to talk about romance and erotica.

Bookrageous Episode 16; Read More Sexy Books

Intro Music; Glory Hallelujah - Brian Wright

What We’re Reading


[1:35] Feynman, Ottaviani & Myrick

[2:26] The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern

[2:54] War & Peace, Tolstoy


[4:31] Say Her Name, Francisco Goldman

[5:02] The Internet is a Playground, David Thorne

[6:07] Local, Brian Wood

[6:16] Aqua Erotica, edited by Mary Anne Mohanraj


[7:17] Going Gray, Anne Kreamer

[7:34] It's Always Personal: Emotion in the New Workplace

[8:24] Big Sex, Little Death, Susie Bright

[8:50] Lost and Found, Geneen Roth

[9:41] Sweet Valley Confidential, Francine Pascal

[10:13] The Carrie Diaries, Candace Bushnell


[10:43] Unsolicited Novella

[13:00] The Winter Sea, Susanna Kearsley

[14:36] Reading Habits Digression: Spreadsheets, Notebooks, Stacks, Oh My!

Break Music; (This is Not a) Love Song - Nouvelle Vague

Read More Sexy Books

[20:56] Rebecca is in romance/erotica rehab

[21:55] Bet Me, Jennifer Crusie

[22:13] Maybe This Time, Jennifer Crusie

[22:57] Aqua Erotica

[24:56] Starf*cker, edited by Shar Rednour

[29:31] Everything I Know About Love I Learned from Romance Novels, edited by Sarah Wendell

[31:12] Rachel has edited A LOT of awesome anthologies

[32:56] Jenn complains about virgin widows, and also romance tropes

[34:12] Happy endings & how romance novels are like legal briefs

[34:26] Scott Pomfret

[35:45] Loretta Chase

[36:11] A Gentlewoman's Predicament & A Gentlewoman's Ravishment, Portia de Costa

[40:10] Rereading: Y/N?

[41:45] Rebecca doesn't always want a happy ending

[44:02] Prelude to a Scandal, Delilah Marvelle

[45:22] Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord, Sarah MacLean

[47:18] Nalini Singh

[48:38] Psy/Changeling series

[49:35] Guild Hunter (archangels) series

[50:24] Kushiel's Dart, Jacqueline Carey

[51:48] What is erotica, anyway?

[52:35] Addition, Toni Jordan

[53:35] Concise Chinese-English Dictionary for Lovers, Guo Xiaolu

[54:56] The "magic tunnel"/muff debacle

[58:55] The Naked Edge, Pamela Clare

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Outro Music; Glory Hallelujah - Brian Wright

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